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12" Snowfall light, C7 base, PURE-WHITE (5-Pack)

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12 inch Snowfall light tube, C7/E12/Candelabra base, PURE WHITE

Snowfall light tubes are one of the most exciting and newest holiday LED products on the market today. Mimicking the falling of snow, the appearance and durability of this product is the best in the industry.


  • Frequency of snowfall drops are random giving a truly captivating and elegant experience.
  • Tubes are viewable from all sides, without the need for doubling the number of LEDs
  • No need for a large, cumbersome, and costly AC/DC voltage regulator.
  • Available with 2-foot leads (SPT-2, 18AWG wire) that use standard male/female plugs, or retrofit C7 or C9 bases that screw into existing light sockets.
  • Indoor/Outdoor
  • Bases are secured to the bulb with proprietary rubber o-rings, combined with epoxy glue to seal out moisture.



Base: E12 Candelabra Base
Bulb Type: LED
Diodes: 16
Light colour: Pure White
Light Display: Random Cascade
Bulb Height: 13 inches
Bulb Width: 1 inch
Unit Package size: 5 per box
Other: UV Stabilized Lens


Usage: Indoor/Outdoor
Rating: UL approved
Average Hours: 50,000
IP Rating: 65
Warranty: 2 year


Lens Material: Polystyrene
Base Material: Copper (Nickel coated)
Sealant: Rubber O-ring & Epoxy glue


Watts: 1.2
Voltage: 120
Amps: 0.01


  • Sold in boxes of 5
  • Full case is 50 lights
  • No display box

Additional Items Required but Not Included

C7 snowfall lights require C7 (or E12) base wire to provide power. Choices of 25' strings or 500' bulk spools in a variety of colours (green, brown, black, white). Snowfall lights can be mixed with other bulbs including C7 and G20.

Use one of our unique multi-clips available in black or clear to get those bulbs nice and straight for a clean and professional look. From magnetic clips to standard cradle clips, there is sure to be an option that will work for your application.

SPT-2 Zip Plugs make custom fitting your Christmas lights EASY! Snip the SPT-2 base wire where you please, and add a zip plug. Remember, you need a male plug on one end and a female on the other in order for the current to flow properly.

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