Different types of String Lights and Where to use them

Posted by Alexis on 1st May 2019

From trees to bushes, lamp posts to home-made lanterns, the possibilities with string lights are almost endless. The only limit is your imagination.

Learn about our most popular lighted strings in the video below, and read on for even more info! 

Each variety of string lights we supply is multi-purpose, but there are certainly trends and design tendencies that may help you make the best choice.

All of our string light products are commercial grade and approved for outdoor use, even under the harshest of climates. They have water-tight threaded connections that keep out moisture and the strings are securely connected. As always, our lights are designed using LED technology to draw a minimum amount of energy for the maximum amount of brightness and beauty.The most common application is in foliage instead of rooflines

Here's the breakdown of the options

Berry Lights (G12)

Berry Lights are particularly popular at weddings or other whimsical events. The casing is round and faceted, which emits the light in a soft and delicate glow.

Small Strawberry Lights (C6)

Almond shaped and faceted, this is the classic Christmas light bulb shape. We most often see this as a popular order during the holidays. These lights are used in every application during the winter season.

Mini Lights (5mm)

These lights are certainly our most popular of the "string lights". The small lens doesn’t attract much attention in day light, but emits an amazing incandescent-like glow at night. Mini-lights come on a multitude of wire colour combinations to blend into almost any situation. They are also available as twinkling lights. This special feature can add a little extra magic to your display.

Fairy Lights

While our Fairy Lights are not approved for wet environments, they can still add some charm when used the correct way. They come in options of plug-in or battery operated. These are very popular at weddings. Get creative and incorporate them into mason jars, wine bottles, or costumes! Or use them in your vehicle or RV for some splendid mood lightening. These teenie-tiny lights are bright and the thin wire make it a very crafty and diverse product.


So whether your project is big or small, you can be assured that we’ve got the right lighted string product for your intended use.