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16 to 30 foot carbon fibre Christmas light hanging pole

When the trees are large and you are tasked with decorating the impossible, installers turn to our 16 to 30 foot extendable carbon fibre Christmas light hanging pole that weighs only 3.5 lbs! This pole is only 2 sections to ensure maximum stiffness. Christmas light hanging requires extremely strong lateral force at the tip of the pole, so stiffness is critical. It must also be light enough to handle, which facilitates accurate placement of the strings on branches, even from 30 feet away. The top cap is an aluminum fitting with acme threads that can attach any tool including our proprietary aluminum Christmas light hanging hook (sold separately).

If you are a professional Christmas light installer and decorate large trees, even occasionally, this equipment will save you thousands on equipment rental costs. Now you can decorate trees in places where the ground is too soft for equipment or the access is too difficult.

PRO TIP: attach the base of the pole to a fishing harness for accurate command of the pole and it makes hanging easier on the arms too!

Please note shipping is not included due to over-size packaging. Contact us for a freight quote.


  • 2 section carbon fibre pole
  • Extends from 16 feet to 30 feet
  • Only 3.5 lbs
  • Lower section 49mm dia.
  • Top section 46 mm dia.
  • Includes aluminum fitting with Acme thread for attaching tools
  • Christmas light hanging hook sold separately


  • Sold individually
  • No display box

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