Christmas Light Hanging Kit

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Christmas light feeder for hanging lights on trees

A great no-ladder solution for decorating tall trees with holiday lights. With your feet safely on the ground you can decorate any type of tree with minimal effort! Made of durable plastic, the light feeder attaches to standard painting poles with 3/4 inch acme threads (including our 30' pole). Once the lights are fed through the feeder, simply walk around the tree and watch in amazement how easily the lights are hung.

Step 1: Feed connected light strings into the sack, hand over hand, allowing them to coil in the bottom. The lights will easily come back out virtually tangle free. You may skip this step if you lay the lights on the ground carefully. We recommend using the sack until you become more experienced.

Step 2: Attach the feeder to any standard 3/4 inch ACME threaded extension pole (not included). Then feed the lights from the sack through the feeder and you’re ready to decorate.

Step 3: Starting at a branch within reach, attach the light string and work your way around the tree hanging the lights while extending the pole to raise the feeder as you go.

Bonus: includes a plastic Christmas light hook!


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