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Shop Outdoor Lawn Stakes for Light Displays Online

Our clips and stakes for Christmas lights have been designed by professionals, with professionals in mind. Our custom-designed, proprietary multi-clips feature two directional options and can be used on gutters, eaves, flashing, and shingles. Available in both clear and black to blend into any roofline, these clips attach to the wire and keep it sitting flat, ensuring your bulbs are all pointing in the same direction and you have a uniform display. For metal surfaces with no easy clip-in spot, we also carry strong magnetic clips, which fit around the socket of your bulbs. These sturdy clips use high-grade neodymium magnets - a big word that basically means they won’t lose their strength, and are rust-resistant! For lining your pathways and lighting up your landscape, try our lawn stakes, which attach to each socket and ensure a straight and orderly display. Shop our excellent selection of clips and lawn stakes online today.