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Fairy Lights string, 100 LED, copper wire, WARM-WHITE

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NEW! Product #: FL-100L-25-3-C-WW

Short Description: Fairy Lights string, 25' string, 100 LEDs, 3" spacing, copper wire, WARM-WHITE


  • Provides unique, festive lighting with a sparkle-like glow. These are our smallest lights available- about the size of a grain of rice.
  • Bendable metal wire shapes well to trees, garland, show pieces, etc.
  • 3" spacing that is great for tree, banister, and wreath wrapping.
  • 100 LEDs per string / 3" socket spacing
  • 25' lighted length
  • UL / CSA approved
  • Full Wave Rectifier (FWR) / Flicker-Free
  • End to end capable
  • AC/DC Power adapter required with each run of lights (sold separately)
  • Intended for indoor use or in covered area.

Physical Specifications:

  • 6" lead in / 3" socket spacing / 6" lead out
  • 25' lighted length 
  • The LEDs are soldered directly to the wire harness (This eliminates all connection related problems)
  • The LEDs are not removable or replaceable (It is extremely rare for an LED to burn out, so making them replaceable causes more problems than it solves)
  • Sockets do not have branch clips
  • End to end capable
  • LED Strings cannot be modified (spliced, cut, shortened, lengthened, etc.)

Packaging Information:

  • Individual strings are packaged in clear pastic box
  • 0.05 kg per string

Pricing Information:

  • Price is per string
  • 1 year warranty
  • AC/DC adapter not included
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