Flood Light, 36W, LED, RGBW w/ branch mount

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RGBW LED Flood Lights, 36W, With Tree Branch Bracket

We've designed the ultimate flood light system for placing inside trees. At a fraction of the cost and installation time, you can make large trees look stunning at night and set them to display any colour you'd like. The lights are RGBW (W = warm-white), which gives the option of a nice traditional white light on top of a vast array of colours. The remote control works from at least 50 feet away meaning that you can install the lights in large trees while still being able to easily control them from the ground. The 2.4G RF remote control can be paired with any flood light or group of flood lights, allowing you to set multiple colours in a single tree or small area.

Our custom designed bracket straddles tree branches over 10 cm (4 inches) in diameter and can be affixed with a 24 inch rubber bungee (included). The bungee has multiple holes allowing you to set the length depending on the size of the branch. Since the bungee stretches, the bracket will not damage the tree as the tree grows. The lamps are painted brown to blend in with the branches so that they are less noticeable during the day. A 150W transformer is required and sold separately. One transformer can power up to 3 flood lights and each transformer includes a 3-way power splitter for achieving this. One 15' coaxial water-tight extension cord is included with each light, so that the lamp can be placed 15 feet away from the transformer. Purchase a second extension cord (see bottom of the page) to increase the distance between each light and transformer.

Note: transformer required and sold separately. See bottom of page to purchase.


  • SMD LED technology utilized for maximum efficiency and longevity
  • RBGW lights mean you can choose ANY colour, including warm white (3000K).
  • Transformer required (see bottom of page to purchase). One transformer can power up to three 36W flood lights.
  • 2.4G RF remote controls lights from over 50 feet away, and provides 16 colour options and multiple settings including strobe, flash, and fade. Speed can be altered as well.
  • Remote can be paired to any light or group of lights.
  • Branch bracket included for affixing to tree branches.
  • Rubber bungee included to allow for tree to grow so bracket won't damage branches
  • Brown lamp housing for ultimate camouflage during the day!
  • Includes 1 x 15' coaxial water-tight cords to run from transformer
  • When unplugged, light remembers previous settings when plugged back in
  • 100% waterproof
  • UL approved driver / Indoor+Outdoor



Bulb Type: SMD wide angle
Beam Angle: 60 degrees
Width: 7.5 inches
Depth: 6 inches
Lamp Housing Colour: Brown
Wire colour: Black
Light colour: RGBW (W = Warm White 3000K)
Light Display: Multiple settings including strobe and fade
Unit Package size: 1
Remote: 2.4G RF remote control and batteries included
Other: Can pair remote to different lights or group of lights


Usage: Indoor/Outdoor
Rating: UL approved driver
Average Hours: 50,000
IP Rating: 68
Warranty: 5 year


Wire guage:
18 AWG
Material: Powder coated aluminum body
Plug Type: Watertight coaxial


Watts: 36
Voltage: 24DC


  • Sold individually / No display box

Additional Items Required

One transformer required which can power up to three 36W flood lights

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Additional Items

One 15' cord is already included with each 36W flood light. If you would like additional cords in cases where lights are installed farther than 15' from transformer, these may be ordered separately

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