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G20 Smooth Bulb, Green

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Product #: G20-3PC-G

Short Description: G20 Smooth LED Bulb, 25-Pack, Green

Bring the calm allure of the forest and refresh your home or commercial lighting design with green. Durable coloured plastic lenses resist breakage and fading. Incorporate fiery red bulbs and bring some tradition in for the holidays. 


NEW! G20 LED retrofit bulbs are a great alternative to C7 faceted LED or incandescent bulbs. They are 4 times brighter and more closely resemble light emitted from incandescents. This is due to the lens behaving like a magnifying glass. The small clear lens cover also makes it less noticeable during daylight making it perfect for year-round use.

  • G20 LED retrofit bulbs are direct replacements for C7 (E12 base) incandescent bulbs. LED's use 92% less energy than incandescents, give off little or no heat, and allow for longer runs.
  • Save in both energy, maintenance, and replacement costs. LEDs last up to 15 times longer than incandescents.
  • Durable coloured plastic lenses resist breakage and fading.
  • Faceted lens creates sparkle and high visibility.
  • Perfect for roof lines because cord used is not twisted, enabling bulbs to be pointed in consistent directions with the help of clips. This gives a much cleaner, professional look.
  • The wire used with these bulbs can also be cut to size to fit structures perfectly.
  • Wire and roof-line clips not included.
  • Indoor/Outdoor
  • UL Canada approved

Electrical Specifications:

  • 120 volt
  • 10,000-30,000 hour life span
  • .37 watts per bulb

Physical Specifications:

  • C7 plastic, faceted globe
  • E12 candelabra nickel base
  • Fits in existing C7 strings with screw-in type sockets
  • 1.362" tall (from tip of base to top of globe)
  • 3/4" wide (globe at widest point)
  • Cannot be used with pre-assembled C7 LED strings

Packaging Information:

  • 25 bulbs per pack (egg-crate style box)
  • 20 packs per case (500 bulbs)
  • NW: 4.6 kg, GW: 6 kg, 31cmx27cmx26cm per case
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