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We’ve been installing Christmas lights professionally for years, so believe us when we say these are the best tools for the trade! Our wire cutters are made specifically for Christmas light installers, with flat, hard plastic inside grip to use to assemble and take apart zip plugs. Cable ties ensure your holiday lights and accessories stay put. Our Christmas light wire stapler is the perfect solution for securing Christmas lights - it prevents troublesome crimping and is the perfect size for SPT-2 wire, meaning there’s less chance of puncturing your wire. Paired with our insulated staples, the staple is perfect for permanent installations or when installing lights on wood surfaces. Our carbon fibre hanging poles and Christmas light installer kits mean you can spend less time fussing on a ladder and more time enjoying your perfectly placed lights. Even if you’re just a DIY homeowner, these tools will turn you into a pro! Save trips to the hardware store this season and get it all done here at Big Star Lights with tools you can trust.