Twinkly Pro

• Most user-friendly and versatile RGB product on the market

• Controllable via smartphone and tablet

• Multiple patterns included in app with the option to build your own

• 16 million different colours 

• Rated for outdoor use in all climates

Twinkly PRO is the most cutting edge, yet easy to use, RGB lighting technology in the market. You can set up your light system without any professional tools or expensive systems and program them with an intuitive app on your iOS device. Twinkly PRO consists of smart addressable LEDs connected through a unique mapping technology generated by your device's camera. Once the lights are mapped and each LED position is uploaded to the controller, you can create the most stunning and creative professional light displays imaginable with just your finger tips!

Setting up your Twinkly Pro System

Twinkly PRO

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Looking to take your lighting to the next level? Then look no further! Twinkly PRO is the must-have string light this holiday season. This RGB string light uses cutting edge technology to allow the user to program each individual light, all at the touch of a finger. Use any IOS device to completely customize your lighting display to anything you could possibly imagine. Turn trees into fireworks, wall displays into creative messages, the possibilities are endless. The RGBW (Red, Green, Blue, White) can emit any color imaginable, including a very natural looking warm white, while the AWW (Amber Warm White) creates the most beautiful white combinations, converting any space to a gorgeous winter wonderland. Simply download the Twinkly PRO app to your device, map the lights on the feature of your choice using your device's camera, and viola! Choose from multiple preset features included in the app, or create your very own! This user friendly RGB string light is rated for all types of climates and will surely be a crowd pleaser year after year.