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Big Star Lights provides easy-to-use, high-quality Christmas lights that look better than your neighbour’s and are built to last. Quality is kept high because we are also professional Christmas light installers who use these products daily, and we work closely with our factories to ensure they exceed expectations in the harshest environments. Each product has been tested for at least one season before qualifying for this site. If a new product did not perform well, it did not make it here... because if it’s not good enough for our use, it’s certainly not good enough for you!

Our service is fast and easy with all orders shipping out within 24hrs of being received. We accept all major credit cards and provide a secure online ordering environment. Returns are just as easy because we don’t argue. If there is a problem with any of our products, we take care of it. Simple.

Watch our helpful how-to videos for quick and easy pro tips and demos for installing and getting the most out of your new lighting products.

Please call us if you have any questions about installation, product details, or shipping. We're easy to reach by e-mail or phone and you can expect a courteous, professional response within the same day, if not right away. We know our products will help you to outdo both yourself and the competition with the best variety in easy-to-hang, long-lasting and brilliantly bright bulbs.

We appreciate your business and thank you for shopping with us,

-The Team at Big Star Lights