Across the globe, artists and visionaries arrange light to tantalize your senses. From incredible Christmas light displays to artistic year-round light exhibitions, here’s a list of 10 events and exhibitions across North America that provide a truly immersive experience.


1. Lumière YVR - Vancouver, BC

Lumière is a collection of public art installations across the City of Vancouver, that employ the use of light, pulling inspiration from the vibrant city’s coastal location.

2. Toronto Light Fest - Toronto, ON

Not all light-up experiences mean Christmas! Toronto’s Light Fest brings a spark of light to the city in the dark months of the long Canadian winter. The event has a mixture of art on display, from sculptures to live performances, all weaving light into their presentation.

3. Tonga Lumina - Mont Tremblant, Québec

Tonga Lumina is a full sensory experience that takes place in the Laurentian Mountains of Canada. The experience - created by Moment Factory - is one of a collection of events organized worldwide, held in cities and towns from Japan to France.

4. Immersive van Gogh Exhibition - Toronto, Ontario

Experience the artist’s legendary artwork in an entirely new way! This immersive experience projects van Gogh’s art in moving pictures that completely take over the room, accompanied by a moving soundtrack consisting of both found music and original compositions by Luca Longobardi.

5. Glow Downtown Winter Light Festival - Calgary, Alberta

Calgary’s annual Winter Light Festival occurs in February of every year, transforming parts of Downtown Calgary’s outdoor spaces into a mesmerizing trip through immersive structures, and past creative structures and theatrical performances.